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Club América vs Atlas F.C. Lineups


As one of the most popular football clubs in Mexico, Club América is a name that resonates with millions of football fans around the world. The team is known for its incredible talent, and this year, they are facing off against Atlas F.C. in a highly anticipated match. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the lineups of both teams and what to expect from this exciting matchup.

Club América Lineup

Club América has a strong and experienced team this season, with many talented players who can change the game at any moment. They have a good mix of seasoned veterans and young players who are hungry to prove themselves on the field. Here is the predicted lineup for Club América:

  • Guillermo Ochoa (GK)
  • Luis Fuentes (LB)
  • Emanuel Aguilera (CB)
  • Bruno Valdez (CB)
  • Jorge Sánchez (RB)
  • Richard Sánchez (CM)
  • Pedro Aquino (CM)
  • Álvaro Fidalgo (CAM)
  • Mauro Laínez (LW)
  • Roger Martínez (ST)
  • Leo Suárez (RW)

This lineup is a force to be reckoned with, and Atlas F.C. will have their work cut out for them. The key players to watch out for in this lineup are Roger Martínez, who has been in excellent form recently, and Pedro Aquino, who is a solid midfielder with great defensive skills.

Atlas F.C. Lineup

Atlas F.C. has a strong team this season, with many talented players who can change the game at any moment. Here is the predicted lineup for Atlas F.C.:

  • Camilo Vargas (GK)
  • Jesús Angulo (LB)
  • Brayton Vázquez (CB)
  • Anderson Santamaría (CB)
  • Luis Reyes (RB)
  • Jeremy Márquez (CDM)
  • Lorenzo Reyes (CM)
  • Ían Torres (CAM)
  • Javier Correa (ST)
  • Julio Furch (LW)
  • Renato Ibarra (RW)

This lineup is also a force to be reckoned with, and Club América will have to be on their toes if they want to win this match. The key players to watch out for in this lineup are Javier Correa, who is a strong striker with excellent finishing skills, and Renato Ibarra, who is a talented winger with great pace and dribbling abilities.

What to Expect

This match is expected to be a close and exciting game, with both teams having a lot to play for. Club América is currently sitting in second place in the Liga MX table, and a win would help them close the gap on the first-place team. On the other hand, Atlas F.C. is currently in eighth place and is fighting to secure a spot in the playoffs.

Both teams have a lot of talent on their rosters, and it will be interesting to see how they match up against each other. Club América has a strong defense and midfield, while Atlas F.C. has a potent attack that can score goals in bunches.

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Club América vs Atlas F.C. Lineups: Who Will Come Out on Top?

The highly anticipated match between Club América and Atlas F.C. is just around the corner, and fans are eagerly awaiting the lineups to see which players will take to the pitch. Both teams have a rich history and are known for their passionate supporters, making this matchup one of the most exciting in the Liga MX.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the lineups of both teams and analyze their strengths and weaknesses, giving you an insight into who might come out on top in this thrilling encounter.

Club América Lineup

Club América has a strong squad this season, with several talented players in their ranks. Their defense is solid, with Bruno Valdez and Emmanuel Aguilera forming a formidable center-back partnership. Their midfield is also stacked with quality, with the likes of Pedro Aquino, Richard Sánchez, and Santiago Naveda providing creativity and stability.

The attacking department is where Club América truly shines, with top-class forwards like Federico Viñas, Roger Martínez, and Henry Martin leading the line. Their pace, movement, and finishing ability make them a constant threat to any defense in the league.

Atlas F.C. Lineup

Atlas F.C. has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with a renewed focus on youth development and a more possession-based style of play. Their lineup is filled with young, talented players who have the potential to become superstars in the future.

Their defense is anchored by the experienced German Conti, who is flanked by the promising Anderson Santamaría and Jesús Angulo. The midfield is led by the talented Javier Correa, who is adept at controlling the tempo of the game and creating chances for his teammates.

In attack, Atlas F.C. has the exciting duo of Julio Furch and Aldo Rocha, who possess pace, skill, and a clinical eye for goal. They are supported by the creative talents of Ignacio Jeraldino and Renato Ibarra, who are capable of unlocking any defense with their vision and passing ability.

Analysis and Prediction

Both teams have strong lineups, and it promises to be a fascinating encounter. Club América’s attacking firepower is likely to cause problems for Atlas F.C.’s defense, which could struggle to contain the likes of Federico Viñas and Roger Martínez.

However, Atlas F.C. has shown that they are more than capable of playing possession-based football and could frustrate Club América’s midfield with their passing game. If they can keep hold of the ball and create chances, they could cause an upset and come away with all three points.

Overall, we predict that Club América will come out on top in this match, thanks to their superior attacking quality and experience. However, Atlas F.C. has the potential to cause an upset, and we can expect a closely contested game with plenty of drama and excitement.


In conclusion, the Club América vs Atlas F.C. match is sure to be a thrilling matchup between two of the top teams in Liga MX. With both teams having so much talent on their rosters, it is difficult to predict who will come out on top. However, if Club América can maintain their strong defense and midfield, they should have a good chance of winning this match.



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