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How Will Technology Change Our Lives in the Next Decade


Twenty years from now, many of the things we think of as normal will have been considered futuristic already. We may wonder, for instance, how will automobile safety be impacted by car GPS systems. And we may not even have the sophisticated machinery necessary to run such systems – but even if we do have them, will they make driving safer?

In the coming decade, computers and their components will continue to improve. Even today’s most basic computers perform better than ever before, and there is no sign that they are going to fall any time soon. The improvement of computer power has been so great that it is now possible to operate a laptop off of a small light-weight notebook computer that is just as powerful as many small personal computers (including some of the largest supercomputers) in the world.

Just ten years ago, that prospect would have been unfathomable. However, as the number of personal computers has continued to rise, so has the number of problems that they can cause, and those problems are only going to get worse.

One example is driver error. Ten years ago, a person could get an internet connection from a computer, load a program on it, and be on their way. Today, that same person would need a few hundred bucks worth of hardware to plug into their laptop and be on their way. In twenty years, that cost will have multiplied exponentially. But that’s not all; in the next ten years, that cost will double or even triple.

How Will Technology Change Our Lives

How will technology change our lives in twenty years when it comes to education? Twenty years from now, there will still be kids in primary school who cannot read, cannot write, and cannot spell. They will find it hard to do homework. That will not happen today with a simple program designed to help them do schoolwork.

The educational experience will become more of an interactive experience rather than being one where you sit in a classroom and are forced to listen to some boring teacher. In the future, the way that students learn will become more interactive. Teachers will be able to use the Internet, cell phones, and other media to teach their students. This type of learning will be more interesting and enjoyable for students.

When you think about the future of education, you might not have in mind just how computer technology is going to change our lives. There is a very good reason for this; because the future of education is probably going to be based around the use of computers and technology, and more specifically, the use of computer-based education software programs. If you’re anything like me, you realize that it can be very difficult trying to get into some schools that don’t use computers, and in some cases, it can be impossible. The problem is that when we’re looking at how computers are going to impact our lives, we often overlook the impact that they’ll have on health.



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